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Liddle Foil Blocking


Based in the North East of England

About Us

We have been producing high quality foil blocking and embossing for the print and packaging industry since 1996 with competitive prices and exceptional service. We have produced high quality foiling for national and international companies in numerous types of foil, including holographic foils.

Foiling and embossing enhances the finish on brochures, business cards, stationery, vouchers and event tickets (holographic for security). 1st impressions count when you want to impress the public and your clients and foiling & embossing certainly does this.

Based in the North East of England within 2 miles of the A19 and 5 miles of the A1 we offer competitive prices for clients nationwide. Our high quality and fast turnaround has kept our clients coming back again and again, knowing they can rely on getting a highly professional job in the time required.

Our Heidelberg GT Platen we can hot foil and emboss and de-boss onto most stocks up to 700gsm. The maximum size sheet on the GTP is 353mmx500mm(B3), ideal for smaller jobs, i.e. business cards or invites. For larger sheets we have a Nebiolo cylinder machine which can foil sheets up to 650mm x 960mm (slightly larger than SRA 1) giving us the capabilities of larger runs i.e. packaging and folders.

Foiling can be done in a vast range of colours and textures, metallics, solids (matt & gloss) and holographic. Foil is able to be applied to a vast range of materials that conventional printing cannot be applied to and gives a vibrant finish that will impress even the most sceptical!

Liddle Foil Blocking

Our high quality and fast turnaround has kept our clients coming back again and again.