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Liddle Foil Blocking


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By using foil you can dramatically enhance your company image. It is available in a vast range of effects and colours.

From varying shades of highly reflective golds and silvers to satins, pearlescents, solid colours in gloss and matt finishes, woodgrain effects. There are diffraction and holographic golds and silvers and colours in a multitude of styles, useful when security is required on gift vouchers, event passes and tickets etc. There is also clear gloss foil available to simulate UV varnish as UV can soak into uncoated boards, whereas transparent foils retain a high gloss finish.

Foil is more versatile than printers’ ink because it is able to adhere to many surfaces that ink cannot. Our foiling platen is able to foil onto much thicker boards than can be feed through most conventional printing presses.

When business cards, compliment slips and letterheads are produced by foil blocking, they can make your stationary really stand out, and by foiling and then embossing the image, they are then really impressive. Business cards also look good when de-bossed.

Using traditional methods on our Heidelberg GT Platen we can hot foil and emboss and de-boss onto most stocks. The maximum size sheet on the GTP is 353mmx500mm (B3), ideal for smaller jobs, i.e. business cards or invites. For larger sheets we have a Nebiolo cylinder machine which can foil sheets up to 650mm x 960mm (slightly larger than SRA 1) giving us the capabilities of larger runs i.e. packaging and folders.


Embossing or debossing sometimes can get misinterpreted. Embossing makes your printed image stand out by using a female die and a male counterforce and when pressed raises the image. There is also blind emboss which is the same process but the image is blank with no colour. Debossing has the opposite affect pressing the image into the material.

Embossing can be done on papers and boards. Debossing is best done onto boards where the effect can be impressive and is becoming very popular on Business Cards and Invitations.


We can also die cut, perforate or score on our Heidelberg Platen with a maximum sheet size of SRA3. So your artwork design, foiling, embossing/debossing and die cutting can all be done under one roof.


All we require at Liddle Foil Blocking to produce quality full colour print for your product or company stationary is supplied as vector, JPEG or TIFF format. Vector format is preferred in order to produce blocks for sharper images when foiling, embossing or debossing. JPEGs and TIFFs can be used for blocks, but produce an inferior quality finish compared to vector.

Liddle Foil Blocking


Embossing/Debossing and die cutting all under one roof.