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The styles and colours we produce

Everything we do at Liddle Foil Blocking is to help you lift regular work into an eye-catching colourful masterpiece. Working alongside printing companies is a big part of our job and we enjoy seeing the way we can change your designs. What can we do to help you enhance your work and get that complete look?

Different colours and styles we produce

The range of colours and styles of foil we use at Liddle Foil Bocking is almost endless and can give you lots of options to choose from. The most popular colours are metallic silver and gold however did you know they can come in many shades if you need the foil to match up with the print. They also come in a matt and satin finish for an alternative style.

 Holographic Foil

Holographic foil is made in the same way as metallic foils but includes an embossed pattern that diffracts the light and shows the colours of the spectrum at different angles. There are many patterns and colours within the Holographic hot stamping foil range. Holographic foil on packaging is very affective, for example the image of our holographic work shows contrast with the white background which makes it stand out very well and makes the packaging look clean and professional. Holographic foil can also be used for tickets to secure them from being copied and sold illegally.

Clear Foil

Clear foil gives a subtle gloss feel to your print which can give your work a distinguished feel. Generally used to foil over the top of a print as a substitute to Spot UV especially on uncoated stock as Spot UV tends to soak into the paper. It may not be as prominent as the holographic foil for example, but it gives a refined look that can make it stand out in its own way. Clear foil can be used for lots of different types of printing work, the tasteful decision to get this on your work could be the difference between a dull piece and a clean, glossed feel piece.


As your clients may have a certain bespoke look in mind, our goal is to help you achieve the desired affect working at a high standard but keeping within the budget required which intern we hope will help us grow our relationship.

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