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Wedding Stationery

Foiling is a must have when wanting wedding invitations to look elegant and sophisticated. Having worked on wedding stationery in the past we know how to make your invites look special for the big day.

Past Wedding Work

For example, the picture shown is work we have done in the past. Using 2 colours rose gold and silver foil on dark card, it makes the print come to life by highlighting the txt and the imagery and with overlapping the 2 colours you can determine the famous landscapes which keeps it unique to the customer.

On another invitation we used gold foil on vellum paper. With this invitation the vellum paper leaves the gold foil to do the job with eye-catching detail. Because the paper has no distinctive colour it means the gold does not get lost in the background. Having the initials of the bride & groom with the flowers it gives you a wedding feel but making it classy and under stated. Vellum is a popular stock used in wedding stationery as with the foil it gives you a traditional handmade look.

Having also foiled other types of the wedding stationery like a map for getting to the wedding. On the example it shows that foiling was wanted to surround the main part of the church and to make sure you knew how to get there. It is a simple touch to the map and direction card but keeps the wedding theme going throughout the stationery. The gold foiling on the white background also appears on the main invite, information, RSVP and accommodation cards which keeps them all related to the couple’s requirements.

Overall Work on Wedding Stationery

Overall, we can supply our work on all wedding stationery such as: Save the date, daytime invites, evening invitations, directions, accommodation, RSVP card, and thank you cards. We are all aware when it comes to a wedding, we all want the best quality to match the budget and Hot Foiling or Embossing can be professional, decadent and at the same time personal to you.

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