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What a difference a year makes

Who could have imagined what we all had in store for us in 2020? It has been a testing time for all businesses just to stay afloat but even more so for the Hospitality sector.

The run up to Christmas is usually a busy period with work from this industry. Festive menus and Christmas/New Year’s Eve party brochures for functions. With nobody knowing what lies ahead for December, this year has been quite different compared to previous years.

Like every business we must remain positive and adapt to the challenge of overcoming any hurdles in front of us.

We know Christmas 2020 will be quite different from previous years but COVID 19 will not stop us from enjoying the festive period.

Foiling on Christmas cards 

Our work on Greetings cards can bring that extra sparkle to your festive look. Embossing, Debossing and Foiling can give that traditional Christmas feel to your cards. Personalised cards for businesses can make your image look impressive and show your thoughts and appreciation towards your loyal customers.

Foiling on Point of Sale 

Retail is a great example on how to highlight Christmas products using foil. This makes it stand out from your everyday items and with a vast choice of colours you can make your product more festive.

Foiling and Embossing on packaging

You will see most packaging companies utilise all the finishers we have stated at Christmas especially in the Cosmetics or Spirit trade as they can make a product look more luxurious and exclusive which makes the packaging look more attractive to the consumer.


Hopefully, this is helpful for you as you sell your products in the holiday season, we are ready to help you stay on track at this difficult time for this up and coming Christmas with our high-quality work. Get in touch with us for more information on anything you are interested in:

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