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Is foiling eco-friendly?

Do you want your work to stand out, but you are not sure if it will be eco-friendly? Our work has no damage to the environment, and we are proud to say it.

Is foiling eco-friendly?

We can tell you that, yes, foil blocking is eco-friendly and is something we take pride on working at Liddle Foil Blocking. Foil is a dry, solvent free process, meaning no chemical clean up required, this is the same for any type of foil no matter the colour or size.

Is foiling recyclable? 

We can gladly say yes to this as well. Our great designs and eye drawing results are also recyclable and compostable. Paper and board that has been foiled can be recycled. Foil has no visible effects in slowing down the rate of biodegradation of the paper & board.

Is hot foiling recyclable? 

Products produced with hot stamping foil are considered both recyclable and compostable by many published standards, which also has been verified by an independent third party. It also is one of the lightest weight options with metallic finishes.


Hopefully now you have no concerns to use foil blocking in the future if you do contact us and we will help you as much as possible.

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