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Menu Covers at Liddle Foil Blocking

 Want to have stand out menus to go with your unique work? Liddle Foil Blocking offers you high quality foiling, embossing and debossing for your menu covers.

What is foiling?

 Foil blocking (or hot foil stamping) is the process of applying metallic or pigment foil to paper or card, where a heated die is stamped onto the foil. Metallic foils are often used to highlight a product as premium or category leading. 

The first picture shown on the right shows a restaurant menu that is foiled in two colours gold and metallic blue. 

As you can see it stands out very well and makes your menu looking very exquisite. 

What is embossing? 

Embossing makes your printed image stand out by using a female die and a male counterforce and when pressed raises the image. 

You could use this effect on words you would like to stand out on your menu, for example the title of your restaurant, pub, café, etc. 

Your embossed wording can also be foiled which makes the lettering stand out of the page even more effectively. 

However, there is also blind embossed which means the image is blank with no colour. 

What is debossing? 

De-bossing has the opposite affect to embossing by pressing the image into the material. 

This can give the menu more of a slick and professional look. 

The second menu on the right is blind de-bossed which means de-bossing on to stock with no print. One letter has rose gold foil to make it have more life when looking at it. This keeps it from looking plain and to dark. 


These printing affects work on menus very efficiently when trying to make your place look good and elegant, ready to welcome customers in. 

You can choose what would work best for you and we will do a great job on it for your business. 

If you are interested in any of these printing examples, email us at or call us 07939 008 792 

Do you want to improve your business with our work?